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Build a Powerful Criminal Defense Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Let us help you generate new leads for your criminal defense law firm effortlessly with an effective digital marketing strategy.
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Put Your Current Law Firm Marketing Strategy on Trial

As a criminal defense lawyer, you play an essential role in the justice system. You help make sure every client gets fair treatment during the course of their case. However, if your current marketing strategy isn’t working properly, you aren’t helping as many people as you could. If you spend more time than you’d like finding new clients and less time fighting for their rights, it might be time to develop a better strategy. At More Cases Law Firm Marketing, we are here to help you build a better modern criminal lawyer marketing process so that you can drive criminal defense clients to your firm with ease. Give us a call to get started today.

Put Your Current Law Firm Marketing Strategy on Trial

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Why Choose Digital Marketing for Criminal Defence Lawyers?

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Why Choose Digital Marketing for Criminal Defence Lawyers?

Digital marketing, powered by search engine optimization (SEO), is one of the most effective tools any local business has to drive organic leads to their services. When you have an attractive website and use the right keywords in your content, you make it easy for people searching for a “criminal defense lawyer near me” to find you.
Every community needs a great criminal defense lawyer to ensure its rights are being protected. You can be that lawyer, but first, clients need to find you. We’ll help you boost your online visibility through a combination of organic traffic and affordable paid ads to generate traffic fast.
People in your area desperately need your service, and they often need it quickly, but they also need to make sure you know what you are doing. When you have a professionally designed website filled with informative content, you show your clients that you are the person to go to when they need help with a criminal matter.
Your potential clients might be first-time offenders or facing serious consequences. We’ll help you build an online presence that highlights your compassion and willingness to listen to their concerns. That may include an effective social media strategy or excellent web content that highlights your values, so they know they are in good hands.
SEO is especially effective for local service-based businesses. About 46% of all searches are for local companies. Google utilizes powerful algorithms and expert search engine evaluators to ensure that people looking for these local services find quality businesses nearby.

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Get a Comprehensive Criminal Defence Lawyer Marketing Plan

At 360 Law Firm Marketing, we are here to help you build a robust strategy from start to finish. We’ll design your website, fill it with informative SEO-optimized content and build a powerful ad strategy to jumpstart the lead generation process. The best part about digital marketing is that it grows more effective over time. When you drive traffic to your website, Google takes note and places you higher in search engine rankings. This allows more people to find you faster.

How Our Proven Digital Marketing for Criminal Defence Attorneys Works to Drive Growth:

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Let’s Begin Talk + Research

If you are ready to build up your client base and grow your law firm, give us a call to get started. We’ll walk you through the entire process and discuss your options. Tell us everything you want us to know about your current marketing efforts and long-term dreams for your firm.
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Professional Criminal Law Firm Website Design

We start by creating an attractive yet understated website. Our goal is to build trust from the moment a prospective client visits your site. Our sites are easy to navigate, load quickly and look great on all devices, including mobile.
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Effective Search Engine Optimization

We use the best search engine optimization tools to identify the right keywords. When these words appear on your website, Google’s algorithms can match potential customers to your website in search engine results pages (SERPs) more easily.
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Expert Criminal Defence Marketing Content Creation

Once you have an attractive website and the best SEO keywords, we get to work on your written content. We can write your home page, about me page, service pages, blog posts, and more. All our content incorporates the keywords we have identified in a natural way that doesn’t sound forced.
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Targeted & Affordable Ad Strategy

Organic traffic is one of the most important cost-effective strategies for any business, but it can be slow and need a boost to get started. We use a combination of Facebook Ads, pay-per-click ads, and other Google ads to drive people to your website and boost SERP rankings quickly.
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Help More Criminal Defence Clients

When you have an automated lead generation plan in place, you have the ability to help more people build winning cases. Our top priority is helping you do what you do better so you can focus on what really matters.

Why Choose More Cases Law Firm Marketing?

We have a proven track record for success. Our team has helped our clients generate almost $750 million+ in new value leads for their law firm businesses. We have the expertise and creativity to come up with the perfect criminal defence law firm marketing plan for your long-term goals. Let us help you see results today.

Why Choose Law Firm Marketing 360?

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How Much Does Criminal Defence Online Marketing for Law Firms Cost?

criminal Criminal Lawyer Marketing

How Much Does Criminal Defence Online Marketing for Law Firms Cost?

Criminal law firm-focused digital marketing is an investment in the long-term success of your criminal law firm business. Our goal is to help you put a new system in place that generates more business automatically. Find out how affordable our criminal law firm digital marketing can be.

Let’s Create a Winning Criminal Lawyer Marketing Plan TOGETHER!

If you are ready to spend more time with your clients and less time building your business, give us a call to get started today. Let’s exercise your right to great marketing for your criminal defence law firm. The leads are looking… Are they going to find you or your competitor criminal defence firm? Let them find, call and book with YOU!

Email us today: MoreCases@LawFirmMarketing360.Com

Let’s Create a Winning Criminal Lawyer Marketing Plan TOGETHER!

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Winning Criminal Defence Lawyer with Client.

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