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Law Firm Marketing FAQ AKA Legal marketing faq: Common LeGal marketinG growth questions?


Read Our Frequently Asked Questions:

Yup-We’re legal digital marketing specialists. But design and good marketing tactics go hand in hand, so We’ve developed a solid understanding of legal focus design and new client UX – and how they impact new case & client conversions. Drawing on years of legal conversions training and attorney marketing experience. We’ll work closely with your chosen legal designer or provide our own to make sure the design and legal marketing journey execution integrate for MAXIMUM results (Traffic, calls, consults & new clients/cases booked).

Our prices are monthly, but the leads you get delivered are also monthly (Once you stop marketing Google cuts off the new customer streams. Google spiders are improving every day with marketing lags reducing from months to some days). Digital marketing has become a necessity for all law firms to grow & thrive (typically a serious law firm should allocate 10-15% of revenue to law firm digital marketing. Typical ROI: 3X-500X+, ask us live case studies. Digital marketing is a no-brainer once you see live data from some of our other clients)

Check our services page: The # of keywords means how many practice areas and the volume of cases you want. Each keyword requires content development, onsite design UI/UX & backlink builds. The more keywords and more channels you go after the more it costs. What this also means is more keywords, more channels equals to more cases means a higher ROI. So depending on your growth goals and targeted volume and practice areas, we can recommend an optimal budget. We can also use your budget and back track how many services you can avail. We work with all budgets small and big. Contact us today for a free audit, strategy and price quote.

We just need a 30 days notice to cancel. At a given time we are 99% on time on delivering our marketing deliverables (backlinks, articles, blogs, design etc etc) preparing ahead of time. When you give us a 30 day notice we stop all work which takes us about 30 days to finish up past work and initiate the process of final reports and handover. (Note: we have a 98% retention rate, one of the highest in the industry) (We cannot fix employee attrition, broken sales process, poor business practices and broken business models, what we can help is get you more calls, consults and clients so you have a solid fundamental enabling path to your law practice growth.

Yes, 99% of firms outsource 100% of their legal marketing to deliver end to end marketing results yielding: More traffic, calls, consults & increase REVENUE.

We work with only two law firms, per city, per practice area. This means we can only take a limited amount of clients per geographic area. Our motto is to growth with law firms and not take on more local clients to create competitors for our current clients. What this also means is giving 100% to help our clients DOMINATE, so we can grow with them. high quality link building and content creating using american local legal focus talent is expensive, but it drives results. We want to “Do it once, but do it right!” and are definitely not a swet shop but a creative legal marketing agency. This on top with reasonable margins and keeping high quality talent in house does require premium pay but it pays off with easy law firm results range between 3X-1000X+ ROI. So if you are looking for a premium provider, with excellent “ROYAL” customer service, treat me as a  name and not a number boutique law marketing firm then we are your team. It’s all about the results lets go get them! 

Yes, we work with all kind of models and are open to working with your team of designers, marketers and strategists. Main goal is to make your law firm win. When you win, we all win!

We currently focus on the top channels for law firm growth: 

Channel 1: Organic SEO (get you access to 50% of the pie), 

Channel 2: Legal Local SEO (Gets you access to 30% of the pie), 

Channel 3: Attorney Ads (Gets you access to 20% of the pie). 

Channel 4: Facebook Ads( Low conversion channel but there is money to be made here for law firms. Gets you an additional 2% of the pie as a bonus)

Book a free consult or schedule a call with our sales staff. We will prepare a solid law firm digital audit & strategy. Next, we will present it to you and see if you have any feedback or questions, from there we execute and drive results. Basically call or get a time on our team calendar so we can show you what’s possible with your profile and share some live case studies on how we are delivering 10-50X+ return for our 60+ law firm clients (live case studies). Law firms that are dominating and will continue to grow market share. 


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