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Leads in 14 days, ROI in 30 days


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Complete Legal Website & 100% Online Marketing

Data-driven Legal 360 Marketing + Magnetic Legal Brand Messaging

AKA: your Caramel Turtle Mocha Coffee

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Does this sound like you?

  • “My law firm has grown enormously, but my legal website got left behind — it looks like it (barely) survived the Y2K crash.”
  • “I tried saving money with a cheaper legal marketing company but the website is boring and generates ZERO or NO leads… Even I can’t get through it — and I own this place!”
  • “We invested $25,000 in a new law firm website and marketing, but it’s not delivering anything—because it was a shot in the dark. Even the marketing team we hired didn’t know why we got no results. There’s no marketing results Umph, negative ROI, and it wasn’t based on any real research.”
  • “We’re really good at converting the consults to cases once the prospect steps through our door. But we need more people stepping through that door— and our law firm website is not producing any leads!”earch.”

There are FEW THINGS more frustrating than wasting
hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars
on poor law firm marketed site that seldom gets read by...Googlebot.

We can help transform your attorney website into a highly 
persuasive, 24/7/365 legal services salesperson who:

We’ve helped create dozens of zero-fluff, primo
-Effective Law Firm Websites that drive leads, calls & REVENUE.

And we can do it for you.

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Law Firm Marketing Services & Websites Absolutely Need To Convert Calls, Cases & Clients!
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"We expected More Cases Law Firm Marketing to be a regular marketing agency. What we got was way more...A true growth partner"

They listened carefully to our needs, learned about our company, then implemented that into really sharp
messaging. She figured out how to present our offering in the clearest, most compelling way. I’d recommend
her to anyone who is trying to sharpen their marketing pitch; in fact, we’ve since hired her on retainer.


PI Law Firm Attorney, Texas

"We have tripled our monthly cases intake volume over two years, and continue to grow. Could not be happier with their data driven legal marketing process."

More Cases Law Firm Marketing got a good grasp of our ideal law firm client persona in a short amount of time, then produced messaging that captured our legal competitive edge. After the system was fine-tuned we started getting leads within a week. What sets them apart is their data driven legal marketing process. We have grown from a team of two lawyers to a five.


Immigration Law Firm Partner, Florida.

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"What do I get when I work with you,
More Cases Law Firm Marketing?"

All monthly law firm marketing packages include LAW FIRM 360 Strategy (7 business day completion):

Your Profile Legal Research + Discovery

Get to Know Your Law Firm Brand Digital 360 (STEP 1)

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Voice-of-Customer & Competitor BIG DATA Research Pull (Research: STEP 2)

Gathering of critical close competitor data, voice-of-customer messaging and legal marketing tactics via:

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Data Mining for (Messaging) Gold (Research: STEP 3)

Review of all legal team feedback and get data ready for STEP 2 &
mine messaging gold from Google big data, competitor data & law firm short & long term goals insights.

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Competitive SWAT Analysis (STEP 4)

Thorough analysis of competitors’ websites & branding to glean best ideas and practices — and pinpoint market weaknesses.
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Complete 360 Plan Build Out
(Key Mantra: Do it once do it right!) (STEP 5)

Data-driven comprehensive targeted law firm strategy to drive more traffic, calls, consults & revenue:

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Law Firm Marketing Plan, Timeline & Law Firm Team Execution Approval (STEP 6)

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Monitor Execution, Tweak, Optimize & Start Getting ROCK SOLID Results! (STEP 7: Results...)

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“There are some exceptional teams who are born legal marketers. More Cases Law Firm Marketing team is one of them. You'll know when you talk to them... A breath of fresh air...”

There are some teams that are exceptional legal marketers. More Cases Law Firm Marketing is one of them. They find that delicate balance between motivating people to buy and making them feel *confident* about doing so. They infuse data driven insights on every step they plan (JUST Amazing!). Although they are perfectionists when it comes to law firm marketing execution, they also out shine on reporting, explaining each strategy and why it matter & spending the budget super efficiently with an eye for small details. Any business owner would be doing themselves, their customers, and their bottom line a favor by hiring More Cases Law Firm Marketing.

Megan M.

Paralegal & Law Firm Manager (Small 5 Person Law Firm: Personal Injury Law Firm – Boulder, Colorado)

How much of the NEW CUSTOMER PIE are you craving?

(ice cream & good pie solves everything)

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Global Legal SEO + Local Legal SEO + Ads

100% of New Customer Pie Market

You get:

$ Ask For Price

$ Ask For Price

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Legal SEO + Local Legal SEO

70% of New Customer Pie Market

You get:

$ Ask For Price

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Just Law Firm Ads

30% of New Client Pie Market

You get:

$ Ask For Price

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“Catch them while you can.”

If you want a professional, creative attorney law firm marketing services team who will not only follow and lead with the latest legal marketing techniques, but will also deliver more leads, calls and new clients, You Must Work With More Cases Law Firm Marketing . More Cases Law Firm Marketing is both talented, experienced, prudent and diligent. And they treat their clients like royalty (I have my attorney marketers on speed dial and direct text). The upside? 300% cases & revenue growth in 2020!

Ben H.

Solo Real Estate & Business Attorney & Owner, Solo Law Practice, Legal SEO & Attorney Ads Marketing Client – Toronto

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"If you get the chance to work with More Cases Law Firm Marketing, seize it."

If you get the chance to work with More Cases Law Firm Marketing , seize it. They are terrific lawyer marketers, Legal SEO experts and Attorney Ads rockstars who invest their time and effort to truly understand the customer’s needs to get the right legal leads to respond (and convert). All the pieces are here — great More Cases Law Firm Marketing strategist, smart data scientist, great legal american writers and easy to work with process. Hire them if you want to dominate. We have expanded our fifth law office and planning a solid growth year.

Scott M.

Attorney & Senior Partner, 5 Office Immigration Law Firm, Lawyer SEO & Attorney Ads Client – Florida

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"A talented data-driven team! Who always answers the law firm marketing services LOGIC & WHY?"

More Cases Law Firm Marketing doesn’t just do legal marketing well; their law firm marketing services generate a measurable increase in our firm’s visibility, traffic, calls, consults, and clients onboarded. When I work with their team, they answer all my questions in detail, and I know that projects will be consistently delivered with high quality and efficiency with a quick turnaround time. A talented professional team!

Shanice J.

Office Manager, Mid-Size Personal Injury Office, Personal Injury Lawyer SEO & PI Legal Ads Customer – NYC Law Firm

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