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happens (Our Legal Marketing Process)

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There are no surprises here! 😀

No shooting for the stars or hoping for lightning to strike twice. Why? Because predictable law firm marketing results are equal parts “art and science” combined.

It’s following data-driven insights and a proven (fun!) tried and tested process without all the fluff while incorporating all our personalities.

Here's what you can expect while working with our team:


Get to Know You, Your Law Practice & Growth Goals.


Digital DNA Analysis, Audit & Competitor Analysis Presented.




Get results!


Get to Know You

Understanding is key...

Do we have synergy? Let’s jump on a call and find out. We’ll get a solid understanding of your
law firm – scope, goals, aspirations, timeline – and you’ll get a sense if We’re the right team for the job.

We will:

  • Listen carefully.
  • Ask pointed questions
  • Show you data-backed competitor intel.
  • Decide on appropriate, realistic budgets and bang out the details.

If we’re a good fit, we’ll send a proposal of work. This will
include a detailed list of deliverables, a firm project
quote, and a general timeline.

You'll get a clear understanding of:

  • 360 Legal DNA Competitor Landscape (We Dig DEEP!) 
  • Where are the top cases and potential legal clients going to come from.
  • What you’ll be getting
  • How the legal marketing results magic will happen.
  • When you can expect to start seeing results.
  • What channels you should consider.

Surprises? Hidden costs? Blech.


Sometimes, our initial chat will reveal that you’re not clear about the legal marketing you need. You have this vague sense of “I need law firm marketing; don’t know what kind,” or “I need Lawyer Ads, but I have a fixed budget, and I’m not sure where to invest first.” Not a problem. We’ll schedule a road mapping session to plot your goals, develop a solid law firm marketing strategy, and figure out which legal marketing tactics make the most sense for your business right now.


Law Firm Marketing EXECUTION Plan & Kickoff

We're a good fit? Woo-hoo!

Once you accept our proposal and sign the terms and conditions, We’ll finalize your project kickoff date and you’ll make the first payment.

Then, We'll start working on a deep dive to achieve a deeper understanding of your product, brand, keywords, custom user journeys and goals, via:

  • A detailed branding, lawyer local SEO, law firm organic SEO, digital DNA breakdown & growth analysis meeting (60 minutes working session)
  • A comprehensive zoom kickoff session (60-90
  • Extensive industry + market research
  • Exhaustive competitive DNA analysis with insights
  • Careful review of Google & customer feedback 

We’ll ask you a lot of questions, because no one knows
more about your law firm, top clients & cases priority than you.

We want to SEE your ideal target audience – learn about them, their pain points, hear them. We want to understand from your experience the stuff that ANNOYS them most…and the stuff that makes them jump in joy & PUMPING, working with you.

We will:

  • Zero in on your vision for your company branding & GROWTH
  • Get a good sense of the ideal clients & cases you’re looking for
  • Create a profile of your dream customer & journeys to attract them
  • Gather the absolutely critical roadblocks, psychology, and their most distressing pain
  • Analyze your competitor’s marketing tactics and leverage them to fine-tune our legal marketing action plan.

We might:

  • Schedule interviews with your top customers
  • Build a carefully crafted survey for your list
  • Evaluate previous legal  marketing campaigns data, if any available. (Leverage your past marketing efforts)
  • Ask to speak to any relevant legal or staff team members.

With intel in hand, We’ll get our team to start working on our proven law firm marketing process – and give  you a detailed summary on a ZOOM call. This outline will give you a clear understanding of the practice areas we will target, create and start driving traffic to with the right messaging and concepts on each page. This will send strong foundation signals to Google about your authority & legal subject matter expertise. Once the groundwork is reviewed and approved, We’ll work our magic to produce an impressive execution plan with all agreed-to cylinders fired up. Welcome to “Great Things Ahead” & your brand launch!


Precise Law Firm Marketing Execution

Here’s where we start the process to execute the finalized strategy. You’ll see our team go to work and check-in with you weekly for approvals (Bring it on! I can take it!) Then We’ll incorporate your edits and polish till you see your brand reflection in the documents. (Sans simples.)

Congratulations, you are now ahead (Compared to 95% of the law firms out there!)

Youre entitled to 2 rounds of revisions as part of your package.
Plus, your copy includes detailed, easy-to-understand recommendations for images and layout. I’ll stick around for a while, because collaboration is critical: I work closely with your designer + developer to ensure optimal interface of visuals and copy.


Get Ready For Results!

We are ready to roll.

Now your legal marketing campains are live and you will get weekly reports on the work we are doing and monthly check-in calls to see progress. This includes work done, keywords ranking improvements, local visibility & any new client or cases booked conversations.

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Are you ready to

  • Get qualified legal leads with LESS SWEAT?
  • SEtup the right messaging Google loves to attract BETTER CLIENTS?
  • Increase your traffic, consults, and drive MORE REVENUE?
  • Get setup for long-term success LEAVING COMPETITORS SCRAMBLING?

Straight from the Client's Mouth:

“Thanks to More Cases Law Firm Marketing!!! We are generating a 10x return per month. Now the Leads are coming to me and my pipeline is full. These guys are marketing Ninjas. Highly recommended!!

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Darren Williams

Yep, are we a good match?

If you need a team who...

  • Does results-driving LAW FIRM STRATEGY
  • Knows that good Digital DNA Analysis, combined with good competitor & customer research is WHERE IT’S AT
  • Makes sure every DOLLAR SPENT on law firm marketing has an end goal to acquire more customers
  • Has invested extensively in the latest Google, Yahoo & Bing SEO/ADS workflows to ensure your greatest ROI
  • Has a roster of LIVE CASE STUDIES to prove it.

A team that... Does it once, & does it RIGHT! (Never Look Back Again!)

If you want someone who...

  • Does “copy-paste marketing”
  • Comes up with clever law firm marketing concepts that just looks good on paper without past proven tactics
  • Can start work tomorrow without research or your input
  • Offers you a bargain (Then does low quality work)
  • Serves up marketing buzz words (with zero direction for results)
  • Can “fill up” ideas without any data backing (so they are shooting in the dark)
  • Doesn’t pay attention to the details, cause they have other  bigger things to worry about

Then We're NOT your (STAR) team

(But we can still be friends! Connect with or follow me on LinkedIn)

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