4 Lesser-Known Law Firm Marketing Local SEO Tips Even the Experts Miss

Local SEO Tips

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If your law firm needs a little client leads boost, a few unique local SEO tips might be just what you need. Local SEO was born out of a need for Google to award high-quality client traffic to law firms in a given city/state. The more authority you build, the more local and state-wide customers you can get, and the monthly search volume is the limit.

Even the experts miss a thing or two from time to time, so it’s important to have your own understanding and insight into your SEO campaign. We’re going to take a look at a few mostly missed SEO tricks that can boost your local law firm SEO in no time. 

Hopefully, the ideas below give you a little push in the right direction as you start to work on your legal marketing campaign. Let’s take get started. 

1. Optimize Your Law Firm Google My Business & Social For Top Ranking Signals

We get so caught up in our legal website that we often forget to optimize the law firm’s Google My Business, Yahoo, and Bing Places business profile listings on the web. These are critical areas, as they give Google and other search engines direct access to your company pulse, feedback, and customer opinion via reviews. 

Further, Google values a law firm site that has comprehensively filled all its information in place and regularly updates its Google My Business page. So, make sure that you have all of the correct law firm and attorney information on your Google My Business page. 

Ensure that you have the same information in the business listing sites that are popular among your target audience. Yelp, Facebook, and other areas should be managed regularly as well. The Google algorithm tracks social signals regarding postings, responses, and sentiments to award power to the site and business profile authority, which further feeds into the authority for customer attraction.

Many law firm businesses miss out on social as the cost to reach customers is so low; this can be an added piece of the pie when done right.

2. Incentivize & Standardadize Reviews Generation From Customers

Local reviews are a huge benefit to your optimization. A review might seem like an endorsement to potential clients, but it’s a lot more than that. 

Google’s algorithm is one big machine dedicated to finding the website and GMB reviews to interpret what business services or products the users enjoy and deem high quality. Client reviews are direct messages to the algorithm that you’re a law firm site worth visiting and directly calling. 

You can increase the number of reviews you get by reminding clients to review, giving out discounts in exchange for reviews, or incentivizing them in other ways. Some firms make google review part of their end of the case process. The key is to assign a team member of your law firm to take on this and be held accountable for cases closed to reviews earned metrics.

3. Make Your Homepage Simple & Satisfy Google UI/UX & Core Web Vitals Requirements

Your site looks pretty; now what? A lot of practices forget that SEO and customer attraction have become part of technical onsite SEO, which makes a huge difference in whether your pages will rank and get the customer attraction juice from google. This can be simple yet hard as google now has 100+ checklist to comply with, and they reveal this in the developer documentation. For example, the Google Core Web Vitals has to do with load times of interactivity, UI/UX effects, and customer experience on mobile and desktop sites. Google wants the web to be more beautiful, interactive, easy to use, and value-adding to user’s lives; this is why they have core updates two to four times a year.

Generally speaking, the quicker the user can get their intended results, the better search engines serve their clients, returning customers to Google, and the industry practice area searches can continue to grow and thrive. If your website generally leads to a phone call, add a link to your phone number right on the main page, give users an option to communicate on their terms. Communication channels can include live chat, email, bot capture, social and onsite contact forms. 

After seeing your site, embed a Google maps link into the homepage if people tend to visit your office in person. All essential pages should be one click away from the home page. Google sees a future of search and customer experience with the least amount of clicks and all things being equal; a competitor that can implement this better will rank higher in search over the long term for multiple keywords (AKA potential cases and clients).

Content and other secondary pages shouldn’t be more than two clicks away. Further, make it easy to get to your main pages from any piece of content. Embedding links like the ones described above on all content might be an effective way to get conversions. 

4. Mirror Your Law Firm Competition on Technical SEO, Local SEO, Organic SEO & Ads

Are there several other firms that outshine you on a regular basis?

Look at their website and see what they’re doing better than you. Do they have more content? Is there a different structure to the content that they do have? Many marketers completely miss this step as this will directly give you insight into the secret algorithm of Google. (Note: Google has a monster 90% share of all searches in the market, followed by Microsoft Bing. So all other search engines are just behind, emulating Google, or always trying to catch up. Also, note that once you optimize for Google, you also automatically (generally/mostly) optimize for other search engines as the other guys are hiring SEOs and developers from Google and Bing)

How many law firm business reviews do they have? All of these things can be observed and replicated, giving you a chance to benefit from whatever they’re doing. Understanding and replicating certain elements might be fast to improve rankings, even if you’re not sure why their content is succeeding. This may require a critical eye from experienced marketers that have seen 100s of campaigns and executed to get thoughts to do keywords on google and ads optimization rankings.

Targeting competitor names with ads can be a very high ROI strategy, one we have implemented to get a good return regularly. This allows you to get in front of recognized brand names at 1/10th the cost to regular fought-for terms such as divorce lawyer, personal injury lawyer, etc. Ads can help catapult your firm to get more cases with lower CAC (Cost To Acquire A Customer)

Need More Local SEO Tips & Execution Help To Drive Your Law Firm Calls, Consults, Cases & Revenue?

Hopefully, these SEO tricks will help your law firm’s SEO. There’s a lot more involved in local SEO, but the ideas above should give you a nudge in the right direction. 

We’re here to help you with more local SEO tips and, importantly, if you need a hand with technical execution. Contact us to get more ideas on how you can improve your campaign, grow traffic, calls, and revenue with professional help.


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