The SEO Benefits of Having a Blog on Your Law Firm’s Website

SEO Benefits

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Over 50% of all website traffic begins with an organic search. In fact, companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages than those that don’t. Hosting a blog on your law firm’s website can help boost your search engine rankings.

On the fence about blogging and using search engine optimization (SEO)? Read on to discover how SEO benefits law firms first.

After reading this guide, you can determine if adding SEO and blogging suits your law firm’s strategy for the year. Learn more about the benefits of SEO marketing today!

Generate Awareness

Are locals aware your law firm exists? With nearly 450,000 law firms across the US, it’s sometimes difficult to cut through the noise. Billboards and commercials aren’t always enough to reach potential clients (especially with people working from home or streaming media).

Search engine optimization and blogging can help you appear in front of potential clients. You’ll appear as they search for legal services or local law firms. You can leverage their existing interest in your services to ensure you reach your ideal clients.

With SEO blogging, you can start reaching clients by targeting various search queries.

For example, you can appear when someone searches:

  • Law firm near me
  • How to choose a lawyer
  • How much do legal services cost
  • Best law firm in town

Each time someone searches a query relevant to your services, your law firm’s website can appear on a search engine result page (SERP). The more often people see your brand online, the more brand awareness will grow. Eventually, people will think of your law firm each time they consider requesting legal services. 

People might enter your law firm’s name directly into Google, allowing you to generate more traffic!

Attract Quality Traffic

If someone visits your website, only to leave without exploring your content, your bounce rate will increase. A high bounce rate will hurt your organic search engine rankings. If your rankings drop, your competitors will appear for relevant searches instead. 

SEO blogging can help you boost your organic rankings to the top of SERPs. Then, you can start generating more website traffic.

The more often you post online, the more search queries you can appear for. SEO blogging will maximize your ability to appear in front of potential clients. As more people visit your website, your rankings will rise even more.

As an added bonus, you’ll reach people who are searching for your services. Reaching potential clients can help you generate more leads. Offering people the information they need will also encourage them to linger on your website. 

Your bounce rate will drop as your dwell times improve, further benefiting your rankings. 

You can also start generating more website traffic by gaining backlinks. Backlinks are one of Google’s most important ranking factors. These links appear on other websites before directing readers to your blog content.

Generating backlinks will help you generate referral traffic. The more traffic you generate, the more likely your organic rankings will improve.

Gaining backlinks from websites that already have a strong reputation can benefit your brand’s reputation as well. A potential client might feel more inclined to trust your law firm after finding you through a site they already know and trust. Leveraging that brand trust could help you attract new clients. 

Establish Authority

Potential clients might feel wary about your law firm if they can’t learn more about your abilities. Blogging will help you establish your experience and expertise in the industry. You can provide people with the advice and information they need to boost your credibility.

In time, you could even become a thought leader in the industry. Becoming a thought leader can help your credibility and authority grow. Eventually, you’ll become a go-to resource that people trust.

Establishing your authority and credibility can help brand trust grow. If people trust you, they might feel more inclined to contact you for legal services. 

SEO blogging can also boost your rankings to the top of SERPs. Ranking ahead of other law firms can boost your brand authority as well. Most people don’t look beyond the first page of results, so improving your rankings is essential. 

Book More Appointments

Remember, hosting a blog and ranking for various search queries can help you generate more traffic. Providing helpful information can encourage more people to trust your brand. With SEO blogging, you can start generating website traffic and leads.

As more people book consultation appointments with your law firm, you can start expanding your practice. 

Your clients might feel inclined to post reviews about your law firm on your Google Business listing. Generating positive reviews can boost your brand’s reputation further. You can use your listing to generate website traffic, phone calls, or leads as well. 

Remain Competitive

Chances are, your competitors are already using SEO and digital marketing to reach potential clients online. Developing an SEO marketing strategy will help you remain competitive.

You don’t have to start strategizing alone, though. Instead, consider partnering with a digital marketing agency that specializes in law firm marketing. With help, you can get ahead of competing firms, enabling yours to grow.  

Reach Locals

You can also use SEO marketing to reach nearby clients by targeting location-specific keywords. Optimizing your Google Business listing will help you reach locals as well.

Generating backlinks from other local businesses can help you attract local clients to your firm, too. 

Improve Your ROI

One of the top benefits of SEO marketing is the longevity. Once you boost your organic rankings, it can take a while for another firm to knock you down. You can remain at the top of a SERP for years to continue experiencing these benefits long-term.

Since SEO is also cost-effective, your ROI will rise!

Better Legal Marketing: Experience These SEO Benefits Today

Don’t miss an opportunity to reach new clients. Instead, improve your digital marketing strategy with SEO this year. In time, you can experience these SEO benefits yourself!

Remember, you don’t have to develop your SEO marketing strategy alone. Instead, consider working with an experienced agency.

Eager to get started? We can’t wait to help. 

Contact our attorney marketing experts today to learn more. 

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