How Can a Lawyer SEO Company Help You? A Closer Look

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It can take over five impressions with a prospective client before they begin to remember your law firm. Meanwhile, 59% of people choose to go with brands they recognize. If people don’t realize your law firm exists, they won’t hire you.

They’ll start to rely on your competitors instead.

With search engine optimization (SEO), you can improve your rankings and gain more visibility. A lawyer SEO company can help. You can leverage their law firm marketing services to rank at the top of a search page.

On the fence about hiring a law firm marketing agency this year? Here are 10 reasons you shouldn’t wait.

Read on to discover the benefits of hiring a lawyer SEO marketing expert today!

1. Increase Brand Visibility

Remember, prospective clients won’t hire your law firm if they don’t realize it exists in the first place. Your lawyer SEO company can help by improving your search engine rankings. You can even start ranking for a range of relevant keywords.

Each time a prospective client looks for a law firm or legal services, your website could appear. 

Without SEO experience, however, you might struggle to improve your rankings. It’s essential that you rank at the top of Google’s first page. Most people don’t look beyond the first page of search results.

If people don’t scroll to your website’s ranking position, you won’t gain brand visibility.

Ranking at the top of the page will ensure everyone sees your website. They might see your site for a range of different keywords, too. Each time they see your law firm’s name, brand awareness will grow.

Consistency, time, and repeat exposure can help brand awareness turn into brand recognition. Your law firm’s name will remain top-of-mind with prospective clients. The next time they need a personal injury lawyer, they might remember seeing your website.

Instead of reaching out to your competitors, those clients might contact you directly. 

2. Precise Targeting

Traditional marketing methods like flyers, mailers, and billboards can waste your time and money.

These marketing materials reach a broad audience group. Your legal services won’t appeal to everyone. Instead, you need to focus your time on people who already need your legal services.

Your lawyer SEO company can help by researching your ideal clients. Then, they can create distinct client personas. They’ll take the time to research each group.

Your SEO experts will determine which search terms each group uses when looking for legal services online. Then, they’ll begin creating content based on those search terms.

Appealing to specific search terms will ensure you appear in front of people who need legal services. With precise targeting, you can save time and generate more leads.  

3. Save Time and Stress

Developing a strong SEO marketing strategy can require time, effort, and research. You’re busy enough taking on legal cases! You shouldn’t have to develop an SEO strategy, too.

For example, a strong SEO plan can involve:

  • Audience research
  • Keyword research
  • Website design and development
  • Link-building
  • Content creation
  • Data analytics

Instead of spending time on SEO alone, hire a law firm digital marketing agency. You can leverage their multiple services to reach more clients.

After you hire a law firm marketing team, you’ll have too many clients to bother with marketing, anyway. 

Google changes its search engine algorithm 500 to 600 times a year. Each time the algorithm changes, you might need to make small changes to your SEO strategy.

You’re busy enough trying to keep up with new laws and procedures. Instead of keeping up with SEO changes, hire a lawyer SEO company. They’ll handle these changes for you.

With their help, you can make sure your SEO strategy never falls behind. 

5. Increase Credibility

Higher rankings will position your website ahead of competing law firms. Prospective clients might feel more inclined to trust your firm if you’re at the top of a page. Generating brand trust can help you retain new clients.

You can also use high-quality blog posts to showcase your experience, expertise, and accomplishments. Your digital marketing agency can help you create content that will boost your rankings. 

6. Generate More Traffic

Higher SEO rankings will help you generate more website traffic. As people visit your website, they can learn more about your law firm. Then, you can use strong call-to-action language to convert those visitors into clients.

Without SEO, however, you might struggle to attract visitors in the first place. 

Strong SEO strategies also include link-building tactics. For example, you’ll need to generate high-quality backlinks to improve your rankings. This process can take time, especially if you lack experience.

Look for a law firm digital marketing agency that offers link-building services. Their services will improve your rankings, helping you reach more clients. 

8. Access to Professional Tools

In order to develop a strong SEO strategy, you’ll need to use the right tools. You might only use these tools once or twice, though. Don’t waste your money.

Instead, rely on your law firm marketing agency. They already have access to the tools and information you need. 

9. Leverage Experience and Expertise

It can take time to learn how to effectively use SEO. Instead of learning the ropes alone, turn to an SEO law firm marketing team. You can leverage their experience and expertise.

Instead of wasting time with trial and error, you can develop an effective strategy right away. They can start boosting your rankings immediately with fresh content. Then, you can start generating more website traffic and new clients. 

10. Experience Lasting Growth

Once your law firm marketing team improves your rankings, it will take time before competitors can knock you down. Maintaining high rankings can help you generate leads long-term. 

You can experience lasting results by working with a law firm marketing agency. 

Set Success: 10 Ways a Lawyer SEO Company Can Help

Help prospective clients find your law firm online! Consider these 10 ways a lawyer SEO company can help. With their experience and expertise, you can set your law firm up for lasting success.

Find the right law firm digital marketing team today to boost your rankings.

Eager to get started? We can’t wait to help.

Request your free SEO audit today to begin!

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