Lawyer Marketing Ideas That Will Make The Difference in 2022

law firm advertising ideas that makes a difference

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As with any business in any industry, marketing puts your name out there for people to see. It doesn’t only develop brand awareness, it builds authority. Marketing also answers the most important questions about your law firm, such as who you are, what field you specialize in, and what makes your firm better than the others. Lawyers who don’t have strong marketing plans risk loss of revenue due to an inability to obtain clients. 

Here are the best law firm advertising ideas that can make a difference for your firm in 2022. 


Law Firm Marketing Ideas to Try in 2022

Here are the best law firm advertising ideas that can make a difference for your firm in 2022. 


Build your brand

Marketing starts with branding. 

Branding lets you get the right message across. While you can always invest in expensive letterheads and fancy business cards, your marketing strategy should always be based on the kind of image you want your firm to project. 

Here are some tips for building your own brand:


Emphasize what makes you unique

If you specialize in bankruptcy, then distance your firm from others by emphasizing how client-friendly your law firm is compared to your competitors. Make this message resonate in your branding. 


Think of value proposition

Put yourself in the shoes of the clients – there are lots of firms out there, why choose you? Why should anyone pay attention to you? What is something you can guarantee? What is your value proposition? 

If your firm specializes in defending fathers going through a divorce and/or child custody battle, then let potential clients know how “beastly” you are in the courtroom. 

law firm advertising tips and ideas


Differentiate yourself / your firm

No need to complicate things – simply differentiate yourself from others out there. Keep it simple. Focus on the needs of your target clients. 


Demonstrate authority and aptitude

Build authority and credibility with a strong website copy.


Showcase your awards and successes

Show credibility by showcasing your awards. Use logos, images, and texts of the award organization and the awards itself. These can also help boost your search engine ranking. You can also list the results of the cases you handle each month and keep the list updated. 


Display client reviews

Another good way to build credibility is to display testimonials and reviews from your previous clients. Having a testimonials’ page in each practice area can help boost your authority. You may include details for credibility. 


List your lawyers

If you have multiple attorneys in your firm, then list their names and expertise on your website for people to see. You can also include their contact information to make it easier for people to get a hold of them. 


Work on your SEO 

Google’s search engine is still the most powerful tool on the internet by far. If you want to get your name out there for people to see, then you need to invest and work on your search engine optimization. To get attention and clicks, your website must be in the search engine results.

Certain aspects of SEO practice don’t get old, such as keyword research, professionally-made titles and descriptions, optimized website architecture, and having a secured and fast hosting platform. 


Be present on all major social media platforms

With billions of active users, social media platforms are goldmines for prospective clients. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Social media is simply part of modern society now. For your firm to stay relevant and connected, you need to be present on these platforms.

It is also important to have a LinkedIn page for your law firm, especially if you want to do business with professionals and other businesses. 

best law firm advertising ideas


Focus on client-centric marketing strategies – have a buyer persona

Have a buyer persona and target that as much as possible. 

You can never go wrong by making a realistic representation of what your potential client looks like. Thus, spend more time focusing on the audience who may need your services. This is called building a buyer persona, also called customer profiles. 

Making a buyer persona can help you understand how to appeal to your target audience across different marketing platforms. You may have a fantastic law firm, with the best attorneys, but making a digital content about these and simply throwing it out on the internet is a sure-fire way to waste your resources. 

A buyer persona is a fictional, generalized representation of what your ideal client looks like. This includes all the information you need to know about a certain type of customer. In other words, this will help you understand your customer better.

Having a buyer persona will help you create content, products, and strategies that attract and retain your target clients.

The competition will always be there. The more you focus on your top demographics, the better chances you have in reaching them. Here are some tips for building a comprehensive buyer persona.


  • Start with your contact database – Look for trends and common denominators among your previous clients and customers that have engaged with your content (social media posts, paid ads, blog posts, downloadable guides, etc.).
  • Talk to your staff – Get information straight from the horse’s mouth. You will be surprised how much insight your staff may have on trends and customer data. 
  • Ask for feedback – Create opportunities to get as much information as possible from customers. You can interview your existing customers and potential clients.


Blog it

Blogging is alive and well. While most content you see now is from social media accounts, blogging is still relevant, especially for lawyer marketing strategies. 

For one, blogging, especially writing fresh content regularly, can help you attract, engage, and delight potential, new, and existing clients. 

Secondly, fresh blog posts will keep your name at the top of search results in search engine sites (Google in particular).

A well-written library of contents related to law will build your firm’s brand as an authoritative and well-informed voice in the industry. Of course, your blog contents must be engaging, informative, and more importantly, interesting. 


Vlog it!

There’s a reason why video streaming sites and platforms are so popular right now. They are easy to consume, and most people prefer watching videos to reading long boring articles. This is why video marketing continues to grow year after year. 

Signup for a YouTube account and invest in ads there. 

Make videos that resonate with your target audience. Refine your footage by hiring a good video editor. More importantly, optimize your videos for search engines. 


Have a podcast

The Podcast is the new wave of internet content right now. In a nutshell, it’s a pre-recorded online audio broadcast, and people love to listen to podcasts for various reasons. They listen to learn from knowledgeable people talking. They listen for entertainment. More importantly, they listen to anything they find interesting. 

The best thing about podcasts is you can reach an audience wherever, whenever. This is because most audiences use their smartphones to listen to their favorite podcasts. 


Which of These Law Firm Marketing Ideas Is For You?

The decision on the best marketing idea to implement for your law firm will largely depend on your marketing goal and budget. Based on the list above, there are plenty of options and they differ in terms of how much they cost and ways you can reach your potential clients. Depending on where your target leads are, then you can develop a customized marketing approach that delivers results. 

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