Why Your Law Firm Needs a Mobile-First Website

Mobile-First Website

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Believe it or not, more than half of today’s internet traffic comes from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It’s no longer enough to simply have a mobile website. Your law firm needs to put mobile browsers at the forefront to keep up.

A mobile-first website is a kind of site designed based on mobile internet browsers. After a web designer builds the site for mobile viewing, they can scale it to larger screens—laptops and desktop monitors.

This is the opposite order of how web designers built websites for the longest time. Until recently, mobile browsing was considered a sort of “extra” to desktop browsing. Web design always started on a desktop or laptop and scaled down, rather than scaling up.

Mobile-first web design is helpful to law firms. Take a look at these must-know reasons why your law firm should switch to a mobile-first website design.

A Mobile-First Website Looks Professional

A website that doesn’t look professional and up-to-date can do a law firm more harm than good. In fact, half of the consumers polled in one study felt web design plays a key role in how they feel about brands.

A clean, mobile-first website makes your law firm appear up with the times and competitive with industry peers.

An outdated website that doesn’t work well on a cellphone—how most people browse the internet these days—suggests your firm isn’t familiar with modern practices. If it seems like a scam, if it looks old, if it’s all out-of-proportion and hard to read on a smartphone…you might be better off without a website.

Imagine a prospective client goes to your website on his phone only to find he can’t navigate away from the home page. Why would he then trust you to handle his legal case? Of course, he wouldn’t!

You can see why, even though your law firm’s specialty isn’t website design, a poor mobile interface or lack of a mobile website turns potential clients away from your business.

The fix is easy. Hire a web designer to update your website to a mobile-first design. It’s a quick way to refresh your firm’s online image and boost your reputation with a site that’s guaranteed to work on mobile devices.

Accessibility Features Are Easy to Add

Far too few websites are ADA-compliant or even offer accessibility features at all. Shifting to a mobile-first website design is the perfect opportunity to add these features to your website.

Adding accessibility features isn’t just the right thing to do. It also helps businesses reach an audience that otherwise wouldn’t use their websites.

In the case of law firms, this is especially important. Many law firms cater to disabled people who may need accessibility features. SS(D)I lawyers, those practicing elder law, injury attorneys, and many others should have accessibility as a top web design priority.

Mobile-first websites tend to be simple and easy to navigate. They’re often more accessible than traditional desktop-oriented sites by nature. Adding a suite of accessibility features to a mobile-first design is simple and gives your law firm website an even broader reach.

Mobile-First Web Design Draws Traffic

When search engine algorithms evaluate websites and determine the order of search results, they evaluate mobile capability. If your site is mobile-friendly, mobile users searching for a lawyer or legal advice have a better chance of seeing it.

If your law firm’s website is hard for search-engine-associated web “crawlers” to navigate, it’s likely difficult to find in search results. When the crawlers indicate the site doesn’t perform on mobile browsers, their respective search engines won’t prioritize your website in mobile search results. Without a mobile-optimized website, mobile users aren’t likely to even see your website, let alone spend time there or employ your services.

Your Website Is Accessible Anywhere

Because mobile browsing is at the core of your new law firm website design on mobile browsing, you won’t have to worry about it randomly crashing on phones. There won’t be any typical scrolling issues, menus breaking, or having to zoom in and squint because the mobile browser displays a desktop-only site.

If you have a high-functioning mobile website, web users can browse your website wherever they go. Your website could be the first non-emergency resource someone finds after getting in a car accident, falling at work, or experiencing robbery.

On the other hand, if your site isn’t easy to use on a phone or tablet, your chances of reaching a client in the early stages of a dilemma plummet. If someone has to go home and get on their laptop to find your law firm, they probably won’t mark you as their first choice for help.

Stressed Clients Appreciate Mobile-First Websites

Many clients seeking legal help are under a great deal of stress. They’re often not in a position to easily weather difficult situations. Even little issues can set off meltdowns after any number of other common reasons to seek legal help.

Providing a mobile-first website that works seamlessly across all kinds of devices eliminates a stressor your clients and potential clients don’t need in trying times. It may seem a small factor, but a good mobile-first website design could be the thing that keeps someone from moving on to a competitor’s site.

Mobile-First Websites Bring in Calls

Along with functioning better on mobile than traditionally-built websites, mobile-first websites bring in calls.

Mobile-first websites integrate with smartphones’ call capabilities. Site visitors can call your firm directly from its website. While it’s possible to call more-or-less from any website on a smartphone, it’s much easier from a site designed with mobile phones in mind.

Use the Web to Make Your Law Firm a Household Name

After learning these ways a mobile-first website will boost your law firm’s success, it’s time to put your knowledge into action. Tapping into the power of the internet is a cinch with a mobile-first website and a solid SEO marketing strategy.

Law Firm Marketing 360 makes using these tools a piece of cake. Get a free instant audit for your website and learn how our marketing experts can help your law firm make the most of your online presence.

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