7 [Updated] Attorney Marketing Hacks That Drive Cases Consistently

Attorney marketing hacks

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Using the right attorney marketing hacks can be the difference between huge success or your law firm being invisible in the online marketplace. With competition being more fierce than ever, it’s vital to get to the top of the search engine rankings to attract the attention of clients who are ready to pay for your services.

But, how do you cost-effectively do this? After all, you need to look after your advertising budget to make sure you can get ahead of the competition. Fortunately, you can use some marketing hacks to win new business and become the leading law firm in your area.

Read on to find out what should be in your growth hacking marketing plan.

Position Your Law Blog Correctly (Use Breadcrumbs Plugins)

When clients arrive on your website, you need to make it easy for them to find the information they need. If they have to click on several different links before finding your blog, they could easily lose interest and go to another competitor’s site. By positioning your blog at the bottom of your home page, they can naturally move to this section after browsing your services. This encourages the part of the journey where they get to know you and get information. When this value exchange happened, trust is built, and your phone will ring.

This creates a logical flow to your website as the potential clients move to the next stage, where they can find out more about your legal expertise to take action to fulfill their legal needs. 

Create the Right Lawyer Blog Content (High-Quality Value Exchange)

Now that someone has found your blog, you must give them a reason to stay and read the information. Content creation is a growth hacking inbound marketing technique that encourages people to stay on your website by providing them with helpful articles. This is not a direct sales pitch, but it is a way of displaying your knowledge and gaining further interest. Google also tracks visits, revisits, and time-on-site; the more time prospects spend on-site, Google directly relates this to quality and prospect need fulfillment, sending your website up in search results. The higher your pages go, the more calls, consults, and cases you will book.

The key is to give clients enough information to be useful, but not to provide them with so much that they no longer need your services. After they read your blog posts, they should feel like you are the attorney they need, so they pick up the phone, fill the contact form or send you an email.

Use Facebook Post Boost To Drive Law Firm Client Leads

Your marketing plan should include platforms such as Facebook because people spend a lot of time on social media sites. But, it isn’t enough just to put up a few posts and hope to get responses from potential clients. You can set general target parameters and use the Facebook post boost feature to reach a larger audience. Facebook is a push marketing channel, where the traffic is low converting as the prospects are not actively looking. Depending on your practice area, a few client conversions every month could give you enough leads & drive a solid ROI. Note: SEO and Local SEO channels the traffic is active and higher converting, we call this pull marketing, where a prospect is looking, and you pull them in. More on this topic later.

Your parameter settings ensure you reach the people who are most likely to need your services. This is an excellent way to lower your customer acquisition cost (CAC), meaning you are spending less money to bring clients on board.

As your competitors will be targeting the same audience, it’s vital that you can win this business at a lower price. You can then reinvest the money into your advertising budget to become the leading online legal firm in your district.

List Your Attorneys & Law Firm on Google My Business

Most people still use the internet for local searches. Therefore, you need to make sure you are listed on Google My Business, and that you keep your details as up-to-date as possible. For example, while your phone number, email address, and opening hours may not change, you can also add photos and customer reviews. 

When potential clients search for the services you provide in the local area, your listing will appear. People can quickly see how many positive reviews you receive and will be more likely to hire your firm.

Retarget Law Firm Website Visitors 

Retargeting is another cost-effective way of acquiring new clients. When someone visits your site, they may not be ready to hire your company. In fact, it can take a consumer seven visits on average before they decide to buy a product or service. But, the more times they see your ad, the more chance you have of them being prepared to take the next step. 

While it is possible to set up a retargeting campaign yourself, it can be considerably easier and more effective if a legal marketing experienced professional does this on your behalf.

Have a Paid Attorney Marketing Strategy

A vital growth hacker marketing tactic is to have a paid advertising strategy. You can use Google Local Search Ads (LSAs), which means you are only paying for the leads you receive. The cost can also be quite low compared to other advertising methods. But, you’ll need to ensure your business is Google Guaranteed to get the best results. 

This requires passing a screening process so that Google knows it is promoting legitimate businesses that provide high-quality services. You can also choose to run paid ads on other platforms such as YouTube and Microsoft Bing. Caption ads allow you to provide more information to the consumer as soon as your ad appears, which can help increase conversions.

By spreading your marketing efforts across multiple channels, you increase your chances of appearing in front of the right audience. The crucial aspect is to monitor the results and determine which ads are getting the best engagement. Over time, you can develop a laser-focused marketing strategy that pays rich dividends.

Attorney Marketing Hacks and Backlinks

A popular growth hacking marketing method is to obtain backlinks from other websites. But, many companies are happy to accept these links from any site, which can be damaging. It’s important to only accept backlinks from sites with good authority, trust flow, traffic, and a stellar reputation. Tools such as AhrefsSemrush, and request Google analytics can give you insight on these. If you are going to use an experienced legal marketing agency, you don’t need to get these tools as the cost of just the tools can run into $500-$800 per month, as the agency will have these tools as they optimize your profile and share access monthly.

If you receive backlinks from sites that are not well thought of, this could reflect badly on you with traffic reductions, lower authority, and worse, a Google penalty. A good tactic is to write guest posts on popular blogs within your industry in return for a backlink to your own website as long as their DA, trust score, and spam score checks out. Good marketing agencies already have a list of vetted sites with which they build a relationship, so your link building can be cost-effective, fast, and have a quick ROI turnaround.

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The top 1% of law firms are driving a majority of case volume using digital. Digital is here to stay, and Law Firm Marketing 360 provides a range of online services that helps our clients dominate digital cases acquisition. Our legal attorney marketing hacks are few among the many tricks and techniques that have the power to build your online brand, attract many more clients, and consistently increase your law firm revenues. 

Our experienced team has many years of experience driving results. Our specialist knowledge can provide you with multi-channel options to acquire a steady stream of high-quality leads that convert into paying customers.

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