7 Hidden Tactics for Lawyer Marketing Campaigns

Lawyer marketing

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Did you know that Google gets over 90,000 searches in one second? This converts to a tremendous amount of traffic over the space of a working day. But do you know how to harness that into conversions for your law firm?

Your competition will already be doing this, so you need to be one step ahead. Read on as we give our essential hidden lawyer marketing tips.

1. Improve Link Building to Google My Business with Lawyer Digital Profiles

Backlinks are an integral part of lawyer SEO marketing. They act as a recommendation to search engines, telling them your website and content are worthy of note. Many companies spend a lot of time building backlinks to their websites. 

However, fewer people build backlinks to their Google My Business (GMB) page. Once you are registered, it becomes an excellent way to drive traffic. 

Building links to your GMB page will give you a better chance of appearing in the Google Maps Pack. These are the three top listings for local businesses and services. Ranking there will ensure you get quality traffic and leads. 

2. Lawyer Advertising Competitor Analysis

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to digital marketing. In fact, checking what the competitors are up to can be just as good as evaluating your own results. There is a lot that spying on competitors’ websites can reveal. 

Invest in a good keyword tracker and SEO software solution. From here, you can input the competition’s website instead of your own. This will show the keywords they rank for and where their most important backlinks are coming from. 

From this data, you can mimic their best strategies. Follow the backlinks and establish your connections. It may involve creating content for the other website or commenting on their posts, but it will be worth it. 

By creating content on your site and including the keywords they rank for, you begin competing for their traffic. The key here is to make your content even better than theirs, retain readers, and beat them in the SERPs. 

Another way to spy on the competition is with the use of plugins. Many of these can help you find out what tools the competition is using on-site. By adding these similar technologies to your operations, you can create a technologically sound website to attract visitors. 

3. Finding Competitor Lawyer Ads

Another way to find out what competitors are doing is to check on their lawyer SEO marketing strategy, particularly when it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Once you find out what types of cases they are prioritizing, you can follow their campaign to see where their leads are coming from. 

There are a number of software solutions that will help you with this. You can use them to see which ads work best for competitors, understand how their campaigns are driving traffic and optimize them for your own needs. This means that the competition is spending money on hard work, testing advertising types, and you reap the benefit. 

4. Build a Law Firm Remarketing Campaign (Short Attention Span Remedy)

Remarketing is a form of advertising that targets people who have already visited your website. They may have left while searching for other lawyers, or got distracted and forgot to return. It works on the principle that customer needs at least five to eight points of contact before they make a conversion. 

The campaign works by using the cookies left in your visitor’s browser. This tells the ad company that they have previously visited your site. They are then shown your advert, reminding them of where they were in the sale process and encouraging them to return. 

5. Add Live Chat to the website

Adding a live chat to your lawyer internet marketing campaign does not mean you will be giving away free advice. In fact, it has a number of benefits that help you improve customer conversions. 

Firstly, people get immediate attention when they visit, and we drive action compared to waiting on them. This can quickly and easily help us turn those traffic numbers into actual intro-ready leads. In addition, online agents will look after the customer queries, providing 24-hour service for your company without you needing to do any of the work. 

Finally, it makes you look incredibly modern and progressive. Many websites are installing live chat options to help customers, so why are you not doing the same?

6. Create Attorney Marketing Video Content

Video content is a great way to boost your online presence. It is proven that people retain more information when they watch videos, making it a great way to get your message across and being memorable. 

You can use them to show off your service, share case studies, share your unique process, or introduce your confident and reliable legal team. Always set a budget and get video content done professionally. Using mobile phones will result in poor-quality videos that do not present you in the best light. 

7. Create Unique Landing Pages Marketing the Attorneys and Law Firm

As a law firm, you probably have many different clients, each with varied problems. When they visit, you will naturally treat each one differently depending on their circumstances and case type. Why should that be any different online?

By creating unique landing pages, you can give a personal experience from the moment the person arrives on the site. Not only does this stop them from having to trawl through multiple pages for information, but it also pushes them further down the sales funnel. This brings them much closer to a conversion. 

Lawyer Marketing For Enhanced Case & Client Acquisition

Now you know these lawyer marketing tips, start to implement them slowly. Set out a calendar, research your chosen software package, and get to work. It may take a little time, but the traffic will start to increase. 

You can speed this lead attraction process with the expert help of the Law Firm Marketing 360 team. We provide everything you need to drive more traffic, visibility, calls, and new client conversions, marketing with all practical facets of the multi-channel modern law firm marketing. Contact us to discuss your ideal client and lead needs. With a solid planned and executed law firm marketing strategy, let us increase your web traffic, calls, and firm revenue fast. 

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