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One of the most important things that they don’t teach you in law school is how exactly to develop your business.

Whether your law firm is newly opened or has been around for years, getting new online cases can become an issue. It can be hard to know where to start, and how to best spend your time and money when it comes to marketing.

If your law firm is getting very few, or even zero online cases, read on to learn more about law firm marketing and the steps you can take to change that.

Sub-Practice Areas

Try setting up as many sub-practice areas as possible, each having its own page. The more information that you have available on your site, the more authoritative you seem. Potential customers like seeing exactly what specific services you offer.

In addition, the more pages you have, the more words you will have. Relevant information about your firm and its services will help your legal office rank on Google with specific keywords.

For example, if you’re a personal injury lawyer, you would be better off having separate pages for slip and fall, wrongful death, bicycle accidents, etc. instead of grouping all of this on one page. 

Setting up additional pages is an easy way to simplify the experience for the customer, and aid Google in understanding what you offer and when to push your website in searches.

Branded Home Page

Create a branded home page that provides the user with a good UI/UX experience. Google is prioritizing this in the coming years, and customers prioritize it too whether they realize it or not. 

If your home page is user-friendly, clearly communicates your brand, and shows them how to navigate to other areas of your site, people are more likely to look into exactly what you have to offer.

If your home page isn’t user-friendly or doesn’t convey your brand and ideals well, the potential customer is more likely to head back to Google and find a different law firm nearby instead.

FAQ Page

Another important page to include on your website is a FAQ page. Having this information easily accessible will prevent customers from searching all around your website to find the answers they’re looking for.

Also, Google can pull bits of information from this page which can drive more leads to your business. 

Core Web Vitals

Making sure that your website runs smoothly is essential. If your site loads slowly or doesn’t load at all, customers will quickly navigate away, and Google won’t push to send leads there in the first place.

Website speed, image loading, and incremental parsed loadings are majorly important by today’s standards, so invest in the tools that you need to ensure this aspect of the user experience is solid.

Don’t Forget Social Pages

Create social pages and try your hardest to update them on a regular basis. The easiest way to do this is by creating a blog that’s relevant to the services your business provides.

When it comes to law firms, there are a wide variety of topics that you could cover in the blog. Providing quality information to people that visit your site not only helps them to get to know you as a brand but also helps Google see you’re a serious company.

If Google sees a regularly updated blog, and useful information with good SEO keyword usage, you will rank higher, and more people will get pushed to your site. 

Utilize Video

Videos help you to connect to your customer and add a touch of personalization that many businesses don’t strive for. This extra touch on your website could be what makes someone feel more comfortable reaching out to you than your competition. 

A nice idea is to record a few of your clients talking about their experience working with you and why they would choose you again if given the option.

Finish off the video by highlighting some of your employees so they can learn faces and see that your employees are happy working for you and feel confident in their position. You can even use video to explain the easiest way for them to reach out to you!

Put this video on your home page and you have a wonderful way to stand out against your competitors and catch people’s attention right from the start.

Get a Bot

Install a simple bot that can capture lead information 24/7. This will save you from missing out on customers because they want to reach you outside of your usual business hours, and it makes people feel like you’re always available for them.

We saw a 33 percent increase in site signups and consults after installing this simple Java code. Feel free to reach out to us to hear about some examples!

Save Time: Hire Out

The best tip is to hire an experienced legal marketing agency to do the leg work for you. They can create a content plan for your blog that ensures what you’re posting is helpful, not harmful. What you post on your blog can either make or break your authority.

From here, you can have the agency execute the content plan for you, or have a team do it internally. Either way, the fact is that 90% of new customers are awarded to sites that have an informational blog.

This is a must today to get found and get more traffic, calls, and clients. 

Have a Thriving Law Firm

The bottom line is that in today’s world, to have a thriving law firm, you need to have a solid online presence.

There are many simple ways to rank higher on Google as mentioned in this article, but to thrive you need a successful blog.

The easiest way to make sure your blog is going to draw readers in and teach them valuable information about your field and your business specifically is to hire an experienced legal marketing agency.

If you’re looking to increase your online presence and grow your business, click here to learn more about the specific services that we offer. 

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