7 Top Levers to Supercharge New Clients and Cases From 0 to 30-40 Every Month Consistently for Your Law Firm

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The chances are that you’ve already tried digital marketing to win new clients. Every business knows it’s essential to have an online presence and proactively reach out to potential clients in the online environment. The real question is, ‘have you been successful?’

One of the biggest frustrations many business owners have is spending money on advertising that doesn’t get results. This often happens when you work with a general digital marketing company that doesn’t understand your industry.

But, the good news is that you can win the business you already know is out there by working with the right partner. A firm with marketing experience in your sector knows how to reach your potential clients and how to use the right tools to turn them into hot leads and new clients.

Read on to find out about the 7 top levers for winning new clients and cases.

1. Local SEO For Legal Leads Within 1-10 Miles

While most people think of the internet as this enormous network that allows them to contact anyone in the world, the reality is that most people use it to look for products and services within their own city. The majority of your customers will live nearby, so you need to be prominent in the local search results.

One easy way to feature is to list your company details on Google My Business. But, you should also target local SEO keywords such as ‘law firm near me’ or ‘legal services in Houston.’ If you are unsure how to develop a successful local SEO strategy, it’s best to work with a professional company to ensure your campaign provides value for money.

2. Organic SEO For Getting State-Wide Legal Leads

While local SEO focuses on your location, organic SEO relates to the content on your site. It’s essential to have a blog where you can post articles that your potential clients find helpful and informative. The goal is not to sell your services, but to build a connection and a bond of trust so they will get in touch.

You should also include relevant keywords in your blog posts so the search engine algorithms can direct customers to your pages. Although you should be careful not to keyword stuff as this can hurt your position in the search engine rankings.

3. Google LSA Ads For Getting State-Wide & City Legal Leads

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) are an incredibly powerful marketing tool as they allow you to appear at the top of the search engine rankings, even above organic results and standard Google Ads. Companies must pass a screening process, so the search engine knows you are trustworthy and that previous customers recommend your services.

This is a positive step as some less reputable companies will not make the grade, leaving you in the best position to get in front of your target audience. You can then receive inbound inquiries from clients in need of your services. There is a cost per lead, but it can be relatively cheap compared to other marketing techniques.

4. General Ads To Catch Legal Leads That Like To Read

In contrast to targeted ads, general ads do not focus on a specific demographic. Instead, you are promoting your company to consumers who may not have heard of you or considered using legal services.

The aim is to establish your brand and introduce what you can do for clients. While this may not achieve an instant result, you could find you receive phone calls or emails at a later date, and the client will mention this ad campaign. They could also tell their friends or family members who are in need of legal services about your company.

5. Retargeting Ads To Capture Leads That Didn’t Convert The First Time: Leads That Didn’t Book A Consult/Case At First Touch

One of the cheapest ways to get new leads is to use retargeting ads. Your website contains a goldmine of data, and it can tell you which pages visitors viewed before they left. You then know which type of legal service they were interested in and can use a retargeting ad campaign to show them relevant images and content to encourage them back to your site.

The ability to retarget based on specific interests is crucial, as it means you don’t waste money advertising the wrong service to a potential client.

6. Facebook Ads And Posts For Unaware Legal Leads

Many of your new clients will be on Facebook, and that means you have to be there too. It’s easy to set up a professional-looking account and make regular posts that can attract new business. For example, you could put on links to your most successful blog posts or even put up a poll and ask people for their opinions.

It’s also a good idea to run a Facebook ad campaign. The platform allows you to be very specific in who you want to reach, so you know you will get your message in front of the right people.

7. Email Marketing To Get Referrals & Word Of Mouth Leads

Even though email marketing has been around for decades, it is still extremely effective. The key is not to send clients too many communications as they may find this annoying and unsubscribe from your email list. But, you could get in touch once a fortnight with some useful information that the reader appreciates.

Because you are staying fresh in the reader’s mind, you will be top of their list when they need legal services. In addition, you can even ask for referrals as a way to increase your client base.

Contact Law Firm Marketing 360 to Increase Your New Clients List

At Law Firm Marketing 360, we understand the legal industry and know how to reach your target audience. Our expert team uses many different methods to form a joined-up strategy that produces excellent results. We take pride in increasing your caseloads and bringing you new clients that are impressed with your online advertising and modern approach to winning new revenue for your law firm.

For a consultation and a free quote, contact the Law Firm Marketing 360 team today.

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