7 Signs You Need to Hire Law Firm SEO Services

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The world’s most popular search engine conducts almost 6 million searches per minute. To improve your law firm’s SEO practices, you must learn to capitalize on people searching for law offices. SEO, or search engine optimization, gives you the right words people are searching for, so your law firm remains at the top of search results. 

Signs you need to improve your law firm SEO services include a dropoff in web traffic, increased competition, and a lack of backlinks.

Here’s more on the seven signs your law firm’s SEO needs fixing. 

1. Dropoff in Web Traffic 

Experts in search engine optimization can determine why there is a dropoff in web traffic to your website. Why do people not visit your law firm’s website when searching for accident, divorce, or medical malpractice information?

Analytics software helps you figure out your daily web traffic. Staying on top of this data can help you make changes quickly. 

When it comes to a downturn in web traffic, one of the biggest reasons is outdated SEO content. The words and phrases you use are likely no longer relevant to people searching for law firm information. Searchable language changes instantly, and staying on top of the most up-to-date details is necessary. 

An SEO services firm can determine the popular search words to help regain traffic to your law office’s website. 

2. Increased Competition

At one point, your law firm may have cornered the market on a particular practice area. However, with more firms doing business in your region, increased competition means you’re getting less of the pie! Working with law firm SEO experts helps you develop a strategy to win. 

Professionals will analyze your SEO practices and advise you on what is and is not working. You will receive a detailed plan to fix any issues and regain your footing in the marketplace. Moreover, you’ll get a forward-thinking plan to remain on top of your game. 

Many people fear competition. However, use increased market competition to step up your game and improve your product. As the old saying goes, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats,’ and you will be better for improving your law firm’s SEO over the long term. 

3. Lack of Backlinks

A high number of ‘backlinks’ on your webpage gets you a higher rank in the world’s most popular search engine. Essentially, when other websites share a well-written and researched article from your website, it will boost traffic.

Quality backlinks are essential because they endorse your brand and product. And in this case, your law office! With so many ‘other’ websites linking to information on your page, you are quickly recognized as an expert. 

Experts in SEO can help you build quality SEO content to boost backlinks to your website and boost your traffic.

4. Time

Depending on the size of your law office, you may not have the time or the resources to dedicate a full-time person to work on your SEO content. Perhaps the person doing this work in your law firm now is handling other tasks. Why add more work to someone who may not get the job done right?

Search engine optimization professionals can do all the work for you! Outsourcing these services to qualified experts is the best way to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

SEO services are affordable. Moreover, they offer a quick turnaround to get information published promptly. 

5. Expensive Online Ads

Do you know how much you are paying for online ads? The prices can be exorbitant with lackluster results. Why spend money on ads if you aren’t sure of the guaranteed return?

While online ads can boost your website’s traffic, they are likely less effective than SEO services. 

The average business spends roughly one percent of the annual budget on marketing. You want to ensure you spend your money efficiently and get the best results. 

6. Business Expansion 

For lawyers who want to expand their client base and reach more people, a law office SEO strategy can help. You can’t grow a business alone. With a sold SEO expert, you figure out the best way to move into new markets and build new clients.

Perhaps you aren’t reaching all of the available people in your target demographic. Are you using best practices? For example, with more people accessing information on their phones, how are you reaching them?  

Business expansion is also a full-time job. It’s tough to handle on your own. Hiring expert services to take on the added workload will benefit you tremendously.

Furthermore, an SEO expert can work as part of an overall team to increase your business expansion efforts. SEO is one part of a comprehensive strategy to increase your law firm.

7. Poor Social Media Strategy

About seven in ten Americans use social media daily, but your current strategy may lack effectiveness. Are you connecting your law firm’s blog posts to your social media accounts? 

It’s great to have social media, but it’s a poor effort if people are never redirected back to your website. 

An effective SEO game plan will get every platform on the same page. 

For example, are you using video testimonials for additional ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on social media? Do you post photographs of your clients when you win a big case? 

In many ways, social media is your business’s public relations arm. Use it! An SEO expert can help you accomplish these goals.

Seven Signs to Hire a Law Firm SEO Company

Seven signs to hire a law firm SEO company include a dropoff in web traffic, increased competition, and a lack of backlinks. In addition, time and money spent on ads, business expansion, and social media are all signs a law firm SEO can help your office. 

Contact us today and let us help you boost your law firm’s marketing experts. With a focus on law firms (and no one else), we can help you achieve the best results. Boost web traffic and bring more clients to your law office today! 

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