Marketing Your Estate Planning Firm In The Digital Age

estate planning marketing strategy

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When it comes to protecting one’s assets, an attorney can be a great help. You need a legal professional to plan and execute the management of your estate and assets. Therefore, many of those who are in need of estate planning services from a law firm turn to the internet to help find the best team to help them in this endeavor. If you have a law firm specializing in this kind of service, make sure you have an estate planning marketing strategy in place to maximize your ability to get clients.


Estate Planning Marketing Guide

In this digital age, it is important to develop a solid digital marketing strategy so you can attract potential clients to your website and social pages. Indeed, online is the best place to be found and seen by those who might be in need of your service. Without an online presence, you could lose out on the opportunity to attract new clients to your law firm. 

There are various aspects that you need to focus on if you want to extend your reach with digital estate planning marketing. It’s important to learn about these various elements so you can reach your target audience and spread your brand message.


Make Your Website Stand Out

A survey by the American Bar Association (ABA) claims that 33% of law firms don’t have an online presence. This is very common among solo practitioners, 45% of those who were surveyed don’t have a website. Some of the large firms that do have a website that they have not fully optimized.

In case you didn’t know, having a website is a great way to even the playing field so that you can compete with the larger firms. An state planning law firm is a specialized practice, therefore, you need to double your effort to ensure that any client seeking this type of service will hire you for the job. 

And it starts with having an online presence – a website. This is how your clients are going to find you online and learn about your service. If you can’t be found online, then you are already losing out on the opportunity to get clients for your practice.

Estate Planning Marketing Guide


Web Design Optimization

A well-designed website can effectively provide a good experience for the user and convert them into customers. Building a well-designed website should be given priority by estate planning firms. 

Every web page must be user-friendly and intuitive. The goal is to make it easy for the website users to navigate every page and for them to easily find the information they want. It is also important that the website design looks professional. While it is not directly a form of estate planning marketing, it is crucial for your brand because you want to establish your credibility and trustworthiness as a law firm. 


Search Engine Marketing

So, you have a website, but you are wondering why you’re still not getting calls or inquiries from prospects. You can’t expect to build a website and then have a steady stream of clients if you haven’t done search engine marketing.

Search engine marketing is crucial to maximize your online presence and extend your reach to your target audience. In search engine marketing, your goal is to identify keywords that you must target and optimize for your website. 

You can choose short and long tail keywords, as well as a mix of popular and less popular keywords. The goal is to predict the search terms that are used by prospective clients when searching online for services similar to yours. Use these keywords to optimize your website and its content. Make sure to use the keywords in your website copy, internal pages (for specific services), metadata, and image alt tags. 

Incorporating keywords into your website enables the search engine algorithm to run through your website. It will show your website as one of the results for a given search term, further expanding your ability to showcase your law firm services to potential clients. 

There are two ways to go about it: organic and paid search engine marketing. With organic marketing, you can stick to optimizing your website and its copy. With paid marketing, you can use ad networks to showcase your website as one of the results for relevant search terms, but you will be charged for every click or conversion. 


Social Media Marketing

The use of social media is a must for estate planning marketing in this digital age. A lot of law firms use Facebook, for instance, to promote their services and to build credibility. You can also use this same marketing strategy to establish your influence in your niche so that prospective clients can turn to you for similar services. 

With social media marketing, it is important to focus on building social connections and achieving higher engagement. You can also use your social media pages as a way to showcase your website and more about the services you offer. 

Marketing Your Estate Planning Firm In The Digital Age


Marketing at Every Stage of Estate Planning

An estate planning attorney offers services such as executing wills and trusts, powers of attorney, and health care directives. However, most consumers follow a traditional buying cycle, even for those who are in need of this type of service. It is important that you can market your law firm services at every stage of the buying cycle. 

It starts with identifying your audience. Obviously, the target clients for estate planning law firms are different from family law firms. By knowing your audience, you can determine how to formulate the content you promote online so that you can appeal to their needs. It is also crucial for identifying what to offer your target clients at every stage of the buying cycle.

It is also important to identify your goal for marketing at every stage of the cycle. For example, your initial goal is to drive more traffic to your website. At the next step of the cycle, your goal could shift to building engagement with your targeted leads so you can eventually convert them into clients.

For this to happen, it is not enough that you simply have a website, it must provide adequate information and  make it easy for prospective clients to get in touch with you if they have inquiries about your service.

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