Top Law Firm Website Design Strategies to Generate Leads

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Nearly 40% of people will stop interacting with a website that’s poorly designed. Another 38.5% even judge a business based on a glance at the company’s website. If your law firm website is unappealing or outdated, you could scare off potential clients.

Before that can happen, use these web design strategies to turn your site into a lead-generating machine. Applying these website design tips can help your practice grow.

You can generate more leads, help more clients, and begin boosting your ROI.

Set your legal practice up for success with these web design strategies today!

1. Consider Your Audience

Before applying these web design strategies, take a moment to learn about your clients. Then, you can design your website with your target audience in mind. If your site appeals to their interests and needs, you can generate more leads.

Otherwise, people might take a glance at your website, only to assume you can’t solve their problems.

Learn as much as you can about who your clients are and what they need. First, outline the pain points they’re experiencing. Think about the unique value only you can offer them, too.

Then, determine what demographics they fall under. For example, you might consider salary, age, location, or gender. 

If you’re targeting multiple client groups, create buyer personas. Think of each persona as a real person.

As you use the rest of these website design tips, make sure you’re keeping those personas in mind.

2. Improve the User Experience

As you work to improve your law firm website, it’s important to consider the visitor’s user experience (UX). A positive UX can help you generate more leads. Visitors will likely linger on your website longer, too.

As they linger, your dwell times will improve and your bounce rate will drop. These metrics can improve your search engine rankings. Higher rankings will help you appear in front of prospective clients for relevant searches.

If people leave without exploring, however, your bounce rate will increase, hurting your rankings.

A positive user experience tells Google your site is engaging, helpful, and easy to explore. 

In fact, design has a 75% influence on your credibility. Consumers will make assumptions about your firm’s legitimacy based on your website. 

Nearly 90% of people won’t return to a website after a bad experience, either. They might tell others about their experience, impacting your reputation, too. 

Keep in mind that over 90% of people prefer browsing the web from their mobile devices as well.

To ensure a positive user experience, make sure your site is:

  • Fast
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Easy to navigate
  • Secure

You can add more white space to your pages to give your content room to breathe.

Ensure visitors have an easy way to reach you, too. Simplify your forms so they’re easy to fill out Double-check that your forms are optimized for mobile devices as well.

If you’re struggling to improve your attorney website design with the UX in mind, hire a law firm marketing agency. They’ll apply the latest UX design trends to your lawyer website. 

Improving the UX on your site can benefit other law firm marketing strategies in the future. 

3. Include Core Pages

As you use these website design tips, make sure to outline the essential pages you’ll need on your site.

Start with the homepage, which should:

  • Establish your credibility
  • Grab attention with eye-catching images
  • Communicate what you do
  • Highlight the benefits you can offer
  • Encourage visitors to take the next step

Give visitors more information about your legal practice by adding an About Us page. Highlight your background and demonstrate how your law firm is different. 

Add lawyer biographies for each attorney at your firm. Place high-quality photos of each lawyer along with their bios, too.

Then, create your services page. Create a dedicated page for each legal service you offer.

Add a blog page and create helpful articles, videos, and other forms of content. Your content can help answer the questions your clients are asking. Blog posts will demonstrate your experience and credibility, too. 

These pages can benefit your search engine rankings. 

Make sure to add a Contact Us page that features a “Request a Consultation” form. 

Otherwise, include a strong call to action on each page. Use language that’s clear, concise, and urgent.

Make sure the button is eye-catching and easy to find as well.

4. Design for Conversions

The best way to generate leads through your law firm website is to create multiple opportunities for visitors to convert. 

First, make sure each lead generation button or form is easy to find. Consider placing either option above the fold of each page.

Add live chat to your website, too. A live chat option can help you immediately engage visitors. It could improve the UX as well.

Add short videos and other interactive multimedia elements to engage visitors. Then, end the video with a call to action. Feature a button beside the video to direct visitors to convert into leads.

5. Consider SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your website pages and post rank higher on Google and other search engines. Higher rankings can help you generate more traffic. Then, you can use these web design strategies to generate more leads.

Determine what keywords your clients use to find your business online. Then, use those keywords to create fresh blog content.

Optimize your core pages for specific keywords, too.

When a client searches using that keyword or phrase, your site could appear as a result. 

6. Hire an Agency

Applying these web design tips and SEO tactics can take time if you lack experience. Consider working with an experienced law firm marketing agency.

They can help improve the UX on your website. They’ll also add multiple conversion opportunities to each page.

With their experience and expertise, you can generate more leads while dedicating more time to your clients. 

Capture More Clients: 6 Law Firm Website Tips for Success

Turn your law firm website into a lead-generating machine! Get started by applying these website design tips. Then, use SEO and other law firm marketing strategies to generate more traffic.

As more people visit your website, you’ll find new opportunities to gain fresh clients!

Need help applying these attorney website design tips? We’re happy to lend a hand.

Request your free audit today to get started.

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