What Can a Law Firm Marketing Agency Do For You?

what can law firm marketing agency do for you

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Most people in search of a lawyer end up hiring the first firm they come into contact with. If you want the odds to be in your favor, then there’s only one thing you need to do – make sure your law firm shows up first in the search results on Google. This is where the importance of an effective law firm marketing agency enters the picture – to design and implement strategies that will attract and bring clients to your firm. 

Why You Need to Work with a Law Firm Marketing Agency

The internet truly levelled the field for everyone. Gone are the days when only deep-pocketed organizations can advertise their businesses on traditional media (TV, radio, print, etc.). Today, digital marketing allows organizations of all shapes and sizes the same opportunity to market their business and increase revenue. 

So what can a law firm marketing agency do for you? A lot actually, but here’s a quick breakdown of the things they actually do to promote and market your firm

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Build your brand

Whether you are a new lawyer starting your own firm and looking to build your name from the ground up, or an established firm searching for ways to modernize and give your firm a brand new image, a law firm marketing agency can help you craft a strong brand.

Your brand as a law firm is your selling point as a lawyer – it’s the thing that makes you different, unique, and shows the attributes that make you worthy of people’s trust, time, and money. It’s the overarching overlap of your reputation, your values, personality, and more importantly, your value proposition.

A good marketing agency will do everything, from creating a voice for your brand and giving it a face, to making a logo, and telling your story. They can show people what your firm is about, the attorneys you have in your team, and what makes your law firm different from the others. 

Here’s why your law firm needs strong branding: 

  • To build trust – A strong brand makes an organization (and yourself) authentic, transparent, and client-centric. These are the things that build trust and establish your name as an authority in your field. 
  • Sets you apart from others – There are millions of lawyers in the country, and thousands in your city. The best way to get noticed is to distance yourself from your competition and make your firm stand out from the others. 
  • Develops loyalty – People stay loyal to brands that share their values. The best way to communicate your values is through good branding.
  • Inspires connection – A good brand helps you tap into people’s emotions and establish strong connections. 
  • Keeps you focused – Having a clear branding will keep you focused on the mission and values of your firm by aligning your efforts, time, and resources. 
  • Tells your story ─ Branding involves advertising campaigns, storytelling, and more importantly, instituting your key message through your logo and identity. 


They open all sorts of doors

A good law firm marketing agency will optimize your online presence and aggressively get you clients. They do this by designing a professional, intuitive, user-friendly, and dynamic website; boosting your search engine optimization (SEO) performance; creating email campaigns, and producing and distributing e-newsletters that adhere to the interests of potential clients and your target audience. 


They pass the word about you

Advertising is a big part of marketing, but not all advertising campaigns are made equally. A good law firm marketing agency will understand your business; where your organization is, and where you want it to go. 

They craft the message that you want to pass around and create the best strategies to get the words across – through all sorts of channels. This could include traditional advertising (TV ads, magazines), out-of-media (bus wraps, train posters, billboards), and more importantly, online advertising. They consider all sorts of channels for all your advertising needs. 


They tell your stories

A good marketing agency will boost your public relations by sharing your stories in a way that makes people want to read and listen. 

Some agencies even train firms to know how to better handle and represent themselves (or their firm) to the media, and even manage crises. 


They engage with people on your behalf

A law firm marketing agency will handle your social media. In today’s digital landscape, one-way monologues just don’t work. People want to engage with organizations. The successful brands are doing one thing – giving people a channel for two-way conversations with their clients and target audience. 

The agency will take care of your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles, post and share insightful and helpful content, and more importantly, engage people in meaningful conversations. Basically, they can help not just in building your social media presence, but in establishing relationships and boost brand loyalty. 


Help you find your clients

The most successful strategies focus heavily on how clients make the decision to contact a lawyer, and targeting potential users there. This includes answering multiple questions, like are your clients hearing about you? Are they clicking through your website? Are they finding you through organic searches? 

Each potential client will have his own different journey in finding you, but there are certainly a lot of common denominators. Analyzing market data and company analytics is part of the law firm marketing agency’s job. This can help you find the right clients who are truly interested in your services. 

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Parting tips

Advertising and marketing for a law firm is no longer about putting up billboards and paying for Yellow Pages’ ads. In an age when the world is at your fingertips, rest assured, when people are in need of a lawyer, they will find one through their smartphone (or computer). This is why a good law firm marketing agency is an absolute must-have today – you want someone to establish and take care of your firm’s online brand and presence, and help you reach out to as many potential clients as possible. 

Many agencies also offer legal website development and app development that will help you answer queries as quickly as possible. This is extremely helpful for potential clients looking for simple legal advice, get quotes, or help in their paperwork, while also directing them to your firm for further legal assistance. 

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