ROI Approved Law Firm PPC & Google Ads Marketing Hacks [Tried & Tested]

Law firm PPC

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There are currently 1.3 million lawyers in the US. One in four resides in either New York or California. So how do you rise above the rest and beat the competition? 

First, you could simply start with law firm marketing with digital channels, as that is the future, but even that has recently become fiercely competitive. To help, we present our essential law firm PPC marketing hacks. 

Go for Long Tail Keywords (Logic: The Competition is Less and ROI is High)

Law-related keywords are very expensive, but the high ROI keeps increasing the local Google Ads channel demand. Including the term lawyer or attorney in your PPC campaigns is going to cost you over $100 a click. That means you need to be smarter with your search terms. 

Many people who have looked into Attorney SEO and PPC marketing before may already know what long-tail keywords are. They are search terms that makeup two or more words. “Attorney” would not be one, though “Attorney in Houston” would.

Generally, the longer the long tail keyword, the less traffic it attracts. So why would you want to do it?

The reason is that this traffic is often of a higher quality. Single words are often very general, but if searchers have a specific long-tail query, they want a specific answer. When they find it, they will be more willing to convert. So ensure long-tail Local SEO, Organic SEO & Ads is part of your long-term growth strategy.

FB Post Boost (Logic: Low CAC Clicks with High ROI)

If you are using Facebook, and you should be, then the post-boost is a great way to get you in front of new customers. You pay for a boost, and Facebook places your post in front of people that don’t know your company but may have some loose connection. For example, you may choose people from a specific geographical area or people who have a certain household income level. 

Your post is then shown to these people, who either click and visit the website or follow your page. This means you then have to either convert them, retarget them into a lead or keep them engaged on social media until they need legal help. 

The great advantage is they have a very low customer acquisition cost. Even if people don’t click on the post, you are still increasing your brand awareness. 

A post boost yields the best results if you have great content for your PPC law firm to boost. Even if you think you have an excellent post with great content, it may not be formatted for the web or readability. Hire a marketing firm to create engaging content for you. 

Optimize Google My Business (Logic: Google Likes To Prioritize Local Clients & Cases For Your Law Firm)

You should already be on Google My Business (GMB). If not, then sign up immediately. It has a number of excellent benefits. 

The first is increased visibility in searches. With the advent of location technology in devices, Google is using local search engine optimization more frequently. When someone asks for a lawyer or attorney, search results will show the most relevant ones in a localized area, also popularly known as the map pack. 

In turn, this brings more traffic to you. You will get more website traffic and social media followers. Best of all, it is a free service designed specifically to get local customers between 2-5 miles from your exact office address location. 

Optimizing GMB is a taxing and long task but well worth it. Start by adding your business name, keyword-optimized description, and details such as contact numbers, emails, and website information. You should also add a punchy elevator pitch about what your business does and why it is different. 

After this, you can select ten business categories for functions your firm performs. Make sure you only add the most relevant ones. Then make sure the profile is accompanied by some quality images, images with the right alt texts, as they skew the Google algorithm towards more views and signals a more robust profile. Basically, you should upload at least 12-15 pictures of your firm, office, team, and services.

Once set up, Google will send you a weekly report of Traffic, impressions, calls, and location actions. Recently, Google has started phone call tracking within GMB, a feature welcomed by the law firm marketing community. Concentrate on building and managing reviews. Always encourage happy customers to leave a meaningful review, as this really stimulates the Google algorithm for more client search views. You cannot keep all customers happy, so plan and expect you will have negative reviews once in a while. Negative reviews can be stressful with negative comments, but a well replied, professional follow-up can be great for marketing, showing maturity, composure, and turning negatives into neutralized positives. 

Retargeting Ads (Logic: Trust Building With Touch Points)

Retargeting is one of the most cost-effective & high ROI ways to get results, with an extremely high return on investment. It involves placing adverts in front of people who have already visited your website. This helps build familiarity and rapport with the customer, bringing them closer to a conversion. 

It works on the principle that most customers will need around five to eight points of contact before turning into a client case conversion. This is because people need to trust a law firm they work with or utilize legal services from. 

Potential clients may have left your website in the first place for a number of reasons. They may be shopping around for an attorney or became distracted. Retargeting acts as a reminder that you are still there and ready to assist them. 

Prioritize Calls (Because Humans Like To Talk)

Call-only mobile ads are becoming increasingly important. In fact, a call gives you much more power than a click to your website, as it places the customer much further down the sales funnel. With a direct line to the attorney, the customer is more likely to stick with you and turn into a conversion. 

Try setting up some call-only campaigns with your law firm PPC company. They will replace the traditional headline with a phone number that connects the person when they click. 

Of course, this will require a 24-hour answering service. Ideally, you would allow this to connect to you during working hours, though it may not always be possible if you have a busy schedule. 

Law Firm PPC

Now that you know these law firm PPC tricks, work on implementing them. If you do your own marketing, set up a schedule for the introduction. If not, speak to your third party for help. 

Law Firm Marketing 360 should be your first stop. We can help with all types of law firm marketing, from family law marketing, PI law marketing, Immigration, DUI to criminal lawyer advertising and everything in between. Contact us and let us help you dominate digital cases acquisition. 


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