Top 4 Best Law Firm Traffic Hacks (Works Even If You’re a Newbie)

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Are you looking for ways to get your law firm’s brand and profile in front of your target market? Are you tired of spending your marketing budget with little results? If so, get ready to learn some practical and proven law firm traffic hacks to generate buzz.

Doing so can help you generate high-quality leads for your business and guide your desired clients down the customer journey map: no more high bounce rates or low sales conversions. You’ll have a higher rate of success if you use the right methods for generating traffic.

See below for an in-depth guide on the best traffic hacks for law firms and getting clients to use your services.

1. Social Media Law Firm Facebook Posts and Ads for Attorneys for More Cases

Which one would you pick if someone asked you which social media platform has the highest number of monthly active users? YouTube? Instagram?

Many people are surprised to learn that Facebook reigns supreme in this department, and it isn’t really even that close. Facebook trumps YouTube by almost 1 million monthly active users. Wowza!

Needless to say that, no matter who you consider is your target market, they’re using Facebook, and (more importantly) they’re active on it. That means that if you post advertisements on the platform, users will actually react to it.

When creating Facebook ad campaigns, be sure to get as specific as possible with your target audience. It would be best if you created different ads that target different groups of clients. Ensure that you include a strong call to action; remember, your new potential clients like to be clearly shown the next steps to take.

When writing Facebook posts, make sure you’re creating content that your target buyer will find helpful. Think about their biggest pain points, then write a Facebook post that answers it for them. It will resonate with them and compel them to learn more about your service. Facebook is also really great for affordable brand building. You can get in front of 800 people a day for $3-$5 per day, which is very affordable compared to google ads, where you sometimes have to pay 5-1,200 per click. Note: We said per click, not per customer, as generally speaking, 10 clicks can lead to 2 conversations. So when you are paying for clicks, it can get expensive. Google ads should not be discounted as it’s an active search channel compared to Facebook, which is passive. Irrespective, there is a solid ROI on both channels when done well. The top 1% firms run Facebook and Google ads lead generation, both at the same time.

2. Capitalize on Google LSA Ads

Google any question that you have into the search bar; any question/keyword at all. When you hit enter, you’ll be directed to a search results page will all the information you need.

Back in the day, page results were flooded with ads from companies that paid Google to broadcast their services/products to their target market. But alas, if there’s one thing that doesn’t change about Google, it’s this: Google loves to change.

By now, a majority of you are familiar with the concept of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads. As the name would imply, these ads only charge you when a person is directed to your landing page by clicking on the link.

Any company, no matter how legitimate or illegitimate, can pay for PPC ads. Google noticed this and sought to create a solution. Enter Local Service Ads (LSAs).

LSAs are paid ads that will be prioritized over PPC ads. Why? Because those that are allowed to run LSA advertisements will have been put through a background check by Google itself. This allows Google to ensure that its users are being directed to trusted sources, not just entrepreneurs putting “feelers” out for a new product they’re considering—we see you, readers of The 4-Hour Workweek. Generally speaking, a growth-minded law firm needs to run PPC & LSA’s to drive success as customers sometimes choose to read the text ads and call the preferred law firm based on messaging, while some preferentially call the top of page LSA search display ad results. Still, the traffic stays on the first half of the page on LSA’s, PPC Ads, Local SEO, and Organic SEO Results.

Whether you’re a car accident law firm or a family law attorney going out on their own, we’re here to help! We can help you better understand the process we use as a law firm marketing agency to creating LSA ads and how they will benefit you in driving quality law firm clients.

3. Targeting Competitor Law Firm and Attorney Brand and Synonym Name Ads

what if there was a way for you to use that against them? What if you could create a Google ad strategy to piggyback off the titan law firms in your area and catch their target clients before they can? Well, let’s dig in.

There’s one huge advantage to your law firm when competing with more prominent, well-known, brand-name law firms. The big guys; They’ve paid thousands (if not millions) of dollars to become the top search result on Google for specific keywords. We can piggyback on their spent dollars, authority, and trust flow by running brand names and synonym targeted ads.

Your larger competitors are likely doing the same thing, targeting their national competitor counterparts with the PPC ads they run on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing. They choose the keywords with the highest search volume, lower bid cost, brand name synonyms, then set up a cost-driven and manual bid optimized campaign. Why? Because the CAC (Cost To Acquire a Customer) is 50-90% cheaper this way and delivers the exact or very high intent clients and cases. This advanced strategy needs to be added to the mix and executed by an experienced legal marketing team.

If that sounds good to you, then we have great news: it’s possible! Using a strategy known as a competitor-based ad campaign, you can jump through a loophole in the SEO framework of Google ads: using multiple competitor’s brand names as a keyword.

That way, whenever your target clients go to Google “XYZ car accident law firm,” they’ll come across your ad instead and click on it to learn more!

4. Law Firm Google My Business Optimization (Law Firm Local SEO)

Far too many law firms overlook one of the most powerful tools they have at their disposal: Google My Business.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Google My Business local SEO is the box window results from the map pack that pops up when you Google the company’s name or search for a specific localized search such as “lawyers near me.”

When someone searches for something like “law firm nearby,” your Google My Business page can tell them all they need to know about you. It can help generate interest and become a passive form of marketing for your law firm. Setting up the GMB properly with google guidelines, descriptions, anchors, keywords, and associated backlinks can be a technically tedious task. Still, when done correctly, it can yield an excellent recurring and consistent long-term ROI. We’re happy to help you set that up for success!

Use These Law Firm Traffic Hacks for Your Marketing Plan Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on specific traffic hacks that can generate passive marketing for your law firm, be sure to use these to your advantage.

Start by reading this blog article for more information on the 6 strategies you can use to market your law firm the right way. Be sure to reach out to us via our contact us page, phone, or email, and we will be more than happy to assist you further.

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